MA2 H57TA TWIN Mail Archiving Server

MA2 H57TA TWIN Mail Archiving Server
  • NT$ 230,000

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TWIN is a two-in-one architecture of two MArchive H57TA hosts, a powerful HA tool.

The main functions of MArchive H57TA include front-end gate protection capabilities (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, pre-event email auditing, ransomware protection) and back-end inspection capabilities (post-event email auditing, email record archiving and email history tracking).

A single device can meet the email management needs of most enterprises.

In addition to basic record backup, the product also provides a complete internal-to-external and external-to-internal audit mechanism to audit emails sent and received by employees.

HERHSIANG has always planned an additional layer of data storage mechanism for emails. It is equipped with at least two HDDs as standard. The system has a complete timing synchronization mechanism. The backup disk can be used as a data disk for an extra layer of protection.

HERHSIANG information security equipment official website - MArchive H57TA product detailed function description

The best performance of a single machine is the number of users: less than 600 people
Built-in ECC SO-DIMM 16GB *2
Built-in 2.5" SSD [original factory warranty 5 years] 4TB*2 & NAS backup data disk 4TB*2
Built-in AI Spam for 2 years or Kaspersky antivirus for 2 years (choose one)
Comes with TWIN special slide rail