MDispersion H57TA2D Mail server
  • NT$ 125,000

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MDispersion H57TA2D is a mail server that supports standard protocols POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS and SMTP/SMTPS. It supports IPv4/IPv6 dual-IP mechanism. It comprehensively improves email security and performance. It adopts cloud concept model spam protection mechanism and new high performance. Multifunctional architecture.

It has built-in spam/virus email filtering, complete email records, automatic synchronization and remote backup and restore, complete email auditing, corporate signature and other advanced functions, as well as complete responsive and Outlook-style Webmail.

HERHSIANG has always planned an additional layer of data storage mechanism for emails. It is equipped with at least two HDDs as standard. The system has a complete timing synchronization mechanism. The backup disk can be used as a data disk for an extra layer of protection.

HERHSIANG information security equipment official website - MDispersion H57TA2D [U] Product Detailed Function Description / MDispersion H57TA2D [W] Product Detailed Function Description

Best number of users: less than 600 people
Built-in ECC SO-DIMM 16GB
Built-in 2.5" SSD [original factory warranty 5 years] 4TB*1 & NAS spare drive 4TB*1
The maximum capacity of personal email mailbox can reach 100G
Built-in Kaspersky Antivirus for 1 year
With special slide rail